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Welcome on inner-core.net. Here you find all news around the Inner Core Crew in an overview. More detailed infos about the DnB crew itself you can get on the ABOUT INNER CORE page.
Drum and Bass productions by Inner Core you can listen on the DRUM & BASS MUSIC page, either as preview in our online music player or as free download. Additionally we offer DnB promotion mix sets by the Inner Core DJs for download there.
On INNER CORE PICs & VIDs you can watch videos and photos of Inner Core respectively of Drum and Bass parties, where these guys have played.


>> April 2010 - Mr. E changes his name to 'Brad Allen' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Inner Core producer Mr. E has changed his artist name to 'Brad Allen'. Why? Nobody knows. But it sounds great...
>> January 2010 - Inner Core release on Extent Recordings / UK -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LP Cover: One Year - Extent Recordings feat. Inner Core - Calls from the Abyss The second Inner Core release - out now! Besides other artists the Inner Core track 'Calls from the Abyss' can be found on the Drum and Bass compilation LP 'One Year' [EXTLP 001] by the UK Label 'Extent Recordings'. The whole LP or the single tracks can be bought either at Chemical Records [http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/downloadstore/release/9314] or at Junodownload [http://www.junodownload.com/products/1509123-02.htm].
>> 27th June 2009 - two Inner Core releases at Extent Recordings / UK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The tunes "Lucky" by Ira feat. Inner Core as well as "Calls from the Abyss" by Inner Core have been signed by the British label "Extent Recordings". Infos about the release start we will provide here soon.
>> 10th June 2009 - new Drum and Bass tunes by Inner Core online -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Two new Drum and Bass tracks for free download - "Doublewho" by Inner Core feat. Tellavision and "Dirty World" by Inner Core feat. Abroo, MircMC and MC Phill - you can find here: DRUM & BASS MUSIC.
Further there are three new drum and bass smasher for listening into in our preview player: Inside (remix), Final Chamber and Hellraiser.
>> 28th May 2009 - Pictures from the Inner Core gig at Subclub in Bratislava online -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here you can have a look onto the party pictures of the Inner Core gig at Syntax Error in the Subclub of Bratislava / Slovakia: INNER CORE PICs & VIDs
>> 23rd May 2009 - Inner Core live at Subclub - Bratislava -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Syntax Error @ Subclub / Bratislava [Slovakia]: On May 23rd 2009 the next Drum and Bass party bangs into Bratislava's atom shelter. Besides DJ G-I-S and Masheen the Inner Core DJs are back again behind the turntables. The flyer for the party you can find here: Syntax Error
>> March 2009 - new tunes for free download / Franksta changes to Gauron --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. On page Drum and Bass music you can download new Inner Core tunes for free. Further free downloads follow soon.

2. The name Franksta had stand a long time mainly for the Genre Trance and Bass. But like time is changing, tastes are changing too, what you can listen clearly in his tunes. Therefore it was time for changing the identity, that represents his current style on point: Franksta is history - the future is Gauron!
>> 01.12.2008 - some new tunes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
On the page Drum and Bass productions we provide some new Inner Core tunes for listening into as well as some new downloads for free. Further Drum and Bass tunes by Inner Core we will publish here soon. Stay tuned.
>> 05.09.2008 - old tunes removed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We decided to remove all old Inner Core tunes from our website, because they don�t match our quality demands anylonger. More over they don�t represent the Drum and Bass styles, where the name "Inner Core" stands for nowadays. If you are interested in old Drum and Bass productions by Inner Core, so please mail us. We will hand you out all old tunes on request.
>> 01.08.2008 - Fredrickz renamed to Rec.effort --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fredrickz changes his alias into "Rec.effort". From that name a lot of new mixes and music productions from the genres Drum & Bass and Dubstep will be kicked out soon. More infos about Rec.effort you can find on >> about Inner Core!
>> 07.07.2008 - Back2Back-Sessions -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From now on the Back2Back-Sessions at the Musikbox in Minden are cancelled. A big THANX goes out to all party guests und guest DJs for almost 2 years of fun, which we had together. Presently we already are working on a new concept. Soon we will inform you about, what you can expect in the near future from Inner Core in matters of Drum and Bass Parties.
>> 01.05.2008 - Hi-Jack Album Release "not the end of the road" feat. Inner Core -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Album Cover: not the end of the road by Hi-Jack featuring Inner Core OUT NOW! "not the end of the road" is the new album of the Hard- and Emocore band "Hi-Jack" from Heinsberg near Aachen (Germany). By brutal shouts, melodic vocals, hard guitar riffs and phat drums Hi-Jack presents their uncomparable sound already on the 3rd album. This work has been released on Ötte Music - a label from Neuss (Germany).
Besides the Hard- and Emocore tracks of Hi-Jack there are two Drum and Bass Tunes - "23 inches pain" und "I dessicate" - by Inner Core on the album. Besides the CD-Release the individual songs of the album are available as mp3 in many online stores too.
>> 26.04.2008 - Inner Core - Website Relaunch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We have relaunched our Website in order to provide more news around Inner Core, as well as photos and videos of Drum and Bass events by and with the Inner Core Crew. Also we will offer periodically new and old Drum and Bass tunes for free download on the Drum and Bass Music page, as well as introducing previews of our latest Drum and Bass productions. Also we will add permanently new DnB promotion mix sets by the Inner Core DJs for download. Our latest free download is the unpublished Inner Core track "Weedwalker", which is available now.
>> 26.04.2008 - Mr. E - a new Inner Core Crew member -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The inner core has grown again. We proudly introduce Mr. E as new Inner Core Crew member. The identity of Mr. E is that secret, that we actually should lay a black bar over his eyes. To avoid this, he was in hospital for transplanting a new face in order to hide his real ego. Mr. E is a pure producer part of the Inner Core Crew. Soon you will hear a lot in matters of Drum and Bass and Breakbeats from him.
>> 15.12.2007 - System Shock featuring Inner Core @ Subclub - Bratislava / Slovakia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The most evil Drum and Bass party, where Inner Core ever has played. In a former atom shelter deep in a hill under the downtown of Bratislava the Inner Core DJs have attacked the crowd by double impact. An absolute sensational underground DnB party with the best audience in a real freakin' location. On Inner Core Pics and Vids you can view the photos of this party.
>> 02.10.2007 - Drum and Bass Conference - Part 3 - featuring Inner Core @ Hechelei - Bielefeld / Germany --------------------------------------------------
On Inner Core Pics and Vids you can watch the official video of the Drum and Bass Conference (Part 3) @ Hechelei / Bielefeld (Germany). Also you find the photo gallery of this party there. The Drum and Bass Conference is the biggest DnB party in Eastwestfalia and takes places one time a year - each 2nd October. There all famous Drum and Bass crews from the county are playing.